Prerequisites/Software requirements

Software Requirements:

Game Engine:

Unreal Engine 4.26 - You can complete this course using any version you want, however you may need to enable the legacy UI in the project settings if you are using a version later than 4.26.

3D Modelling Software:

Recommended: Blender 2.9 - All of the basic modeling and blockout will be done in Blender 2.9, but the course instructor has done his best to make this course software agnostic, meaning you should be able to comfortably follow along in most 3D modeling software if you'd like. Every popular 3D modeling package is capable of performing all of the steps in the modeling section of the course - although how these steps are performed may be slightly different depending on which software you use.

Sculpting Software:

Recommended: ZBrush - All sculpting is done in ZBrush, but if you're comfortable sculpting in Blender, all of the basic concepts still apply. In fact, if you'd like to use the EXACT sculpting brushes used in this tutorial for Blender, feel free to download the brush pack for free here: - I cannot provide you with troubleshooting for this pack, but I have confirmed that these brushes are still working as of Blender version 2.93.

Baking Software:

Recommended: Substance Painter - All baking is done in Substance Painter, but you can use any baking software that you like. Marmoset Toolbag & Blender are good alternative options.

Extra software:

Simple flower atlas creation: Adobe Illustrator - A small section of the course uses Illustrator to create some flowers, but you can really use any software you'd like to create these, including Blender & Photoshop (And other free photoshop options you can find online wink wink)

I understand not everyone has Illustrator, so the .png files will be provided for you for these steps anyway.

Knowledge requirements:

-Very basic understanding of Unreal Engine's User interface

-Very basic understanding of how to navigate the User Interface in Blender 2.8 and above.

-Very basic understanding of ZBrush (Or any other sculpting program of your choice)

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