The Handpainter's Coloring Book

Sharpen your 3D texturing skills with professional-level assets.

This is a DONATION-BASED book, please feel free to pay whatever you feel the book is worth.

All Donators will receive the full version of the book for FREE when it is released, no matter how much or how little they contributed.

Donations will no longer be accepted as of Friday, January 24th. Make sure to get in before then.

Note: This version of the 3D Coloring Book is in BETA, and will have more assets and chapters added to it daily as time progresses.

What is the 3D Artist's Coloring Book?

The 3D Artist's Coloring Book is a project aimed at creating a library of assets that beginner to intermediate artists can use to practice and sharpen their texturing skills in Substance Painter, or any other texturing software.

Not everyone can create professional-level assets to practice their texturing skills.

This is why I've created a book containing tons of ready to texture, high quality assets that even a complete beginner can begin practicing with.

How does it work?

Simply open the Substance painter file, and start texturing! No need to worry about creating the high poly, topology, sculpting and baking. It's already done for you.

Each page contains:

  • Pre-prepared Substance Painter file, so you can start coloring right away.
  • Raw object file, so you can practice texturing in any software.
  • All texture maps
  • Sample Renders of each asset, to give you inspiration and direction.
  • Built-in interactive reference. Zoom in, look around and inspect every inch of the asset to your heart's desire. (example below)

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use the 3D Coloring Book?
Once you download the course, you'll gain access to the 3D Coloring Book. The coloring book is divided up into chapters, where each asset is organized into its appropriate category. Handpainting, Characters, and architecture are just a few of them. When you open a page of the coloring book, you'll be instantly provided with the blank Substance Painter file, the object file, all texture maps, and some sample renders of the asset. If you need a more hands on experience to inspect the asset, I've also provided a live reference section, where you can look at the textured asset in real-time to get a better understanding of all the details.
Do I have to credit the original artist?
YES. The artist will always be displayed in the top left hand corner of the image, and must ALWAYS be credited. If you fail to credit the original artist in any public post, you may be removed from the course.
Do I have to use Substance Painter?
No, I have provided the asset file and all texture maps, so you can practice your texturing in ANY texturing software.
Who is the 3D Coloring book meant for?
This book is directed towards beginner and intermediate artists. There are many models with varying difficulty, so anyone who downloads the book will be able to find plenty of models at the appropriate difficulty level.

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Thomas Smith
Thomas Smith

Hi guys!
I originally created Stylized Station as an avenue for artists to learn and evolve their stylized art skills.
Now, with a fanbase of over fourty thousand people, Stylized Station has become an incredible community of artists from all disciplines, teaching and empowering each other to become better artists.

Whether it be 3D, 2D, VFX or anything else, Stylized Station aims to teach everyone how to reach whatever artistic goals they have set out to do.

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